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We have created the ultimate Adventurous Den kits for kids. Let's entice children off their computers and help them create their own imaginative world in a secret Den. Our Den's can be set up indoors or outdoors and they will take your children to worlds we never even dreamed of!




Fun Snaps

Great for throwing on hard ground to give the enemy a fright, an element of surprise will really help your plan come together!

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Bug Safari

This fantastic kit enables you to Go on Safari in your own back garden or nearby park and discover the amazing bugs that lurk in the undergrowth.

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Keeping in contact with base camp is vital, with a range of 3 km, these walkie talkies mean you will always be!

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A proper aluminium army issue Mess Tin that make a proper clanking noise. Great for cooking with, or eating from.

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7 in 1 Survival Whistle

Pocket sized whistle is perfect for adventures, you’ll always know where north is and be able to find your way home in the dark.

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Tough, rugged and the real deal. Army issue so able to withstand many an adventure with x 12 magnification.

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Wood Worx Street Car

Various Kits available for both girls and boys and a perfect activity to do in the privacy of your den or bedroom.

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Our Kits

Complete kits to suit every adventurer

Many of us have forgotten how exciting the most simple things in life can be. There’s nothing more thrilling than sleeping under canvas, with only the stars and the wild beasts of the forest for company.

Our Award winning Kits are the perfect gift for the young Adventurer in your life!

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Our Products

The sense of adventure is in all of us, and we want to inspire it.

At My Adventure Kit we have great quality adventure products made for real Adventurers. Our kits contain everything needed to encourage children to get out into the Great British outdoors, and are all designed to help them have their very own adventures – building dens, camping in the wilds, reading the night sky and learning about real Heroes.

The chance to explore our natural world should be part of the heritage and upbringing of any child. So many of the most exciting and beautiful things in Britain lie far from concrete buildings and street lights.

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