Spending fun time outside with children is a great way to encourage children to get involved with nature. It has been proven to have massive benefits to the emotional and physical well being of children,  help burn off all of their endless energy, often ensure a good nights sleep for all and encourages creativity.

We understand that with our busy lives, it can be hard to think of what to do, below are 5 quick ways on how to have fun outdoors:

Here are 5 quick ways on How to Fun Outdoors:

1. Find a pond and explore the wildlife, encourage your children to keep a note on all they can see at different times of the year, Spring is a great time to start.

2. Go foraging in the woods for sticks and leaves and then help them build their own bird feeder. Children will seeing feed off the feeder they have built.

3. Give them their own little patch of earth or a tub and help them plant seeds, children love watching things grow. Colourful flowers are always a winner or growing their own vegetables.

4. Build a Den, this a great activity if you have children with a range of ages …… see our post on How to Build a Den.

5. Go for a walk – make it fun with a game of Pooh Sticks, night time walk?  Star Gazing can be great fun.

We hope you love some of these ideas and enjoy them as much as we do.

Just in case you need more ideas, here’s another 80 ideas of things to do outside.

Do let us know which are you favourites – sarah@myadventurekit.co.uk