My Adventure Kit

… what is it all about?

My Adventure Kit is an idea that came from us wanting to get children out and about and enjoying the outside as we did when we children.

My Adventure Kit is about educating and inspiring children to explore the world around them.

To encourage them to get off their computers and televisions and see that the real world is a far more exciting place to be!

To show them that even in the most unexpected and unremarkable places there are still many adventures to be had.

Even a backyard is capable of transformation to base camp and a pile of stones a secret den – all that’s needed is a little imagination and My Adventure Kit!

Why not take a look at Our Ready Made Kits.

Our boxes appeared on ‘The Apprentice’, we won a number of industry awards and even started to work with Bear Grylls!

We also decided to extend our range too, offering more activity kits and den building adventures.

You have since told us you and your kids love the new additions.

We are constantly looking for new ideas and new ways to encourage children to get outside and have fun.

We would love to hear your ideas, please send them to us.

Are you ready to Dream, Dare and Explore…..?