rugged compass

Compass reading is an essential skill if  you are keen outdoor enthusiasts.

Many children these days do not know how to navigate without their phone, this is fine until they are in the woods and there is no signal or the battery runs out! It is  always handy to have a compass in your pocket just in case an emergency.

Teaching  your child how to use a compass can be fun. 

Young people who are Scouts, Guides or undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh Award or the Ten Tors annual challenge need to know how to use a compass competently.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Begin by showing them on a map where north, south, east and west is.
  2. Line up on the map and on a compass.
  3. Make sure they know that wherever they are in the world a compass always points to  the North Pole.
  4. When they take the compass outside point to an object that is South.
  5. Show your child when they hold the compass up it will automatically point North. (If they want to go South they will need to go in the opposite direction)
  6. To help your childs confidence in reading the compass, let them know which way you are travelling at the start of a journey.
  7. Take the compass with you on trips and encourage them tell you which way you are going.


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