fabulous Den kit

Making an Adventure Den can be hours of fun.

There are many great ways to make a Den and there are no rules but here are some ideas to get you started …

  1. Find 2 good strong trees (or fence posts) about 6ft apart on a flat piece of ground. Lay out the para cord between the two trees and tie each end of the para cord to the trees at chest height.

2. Throw the tarpaulin over the para cord, making sure that each side is the same length. Pull the tarpaulin tight and place the pegs through the eyelets into the ground and hammer the pegs in with your sturdy mallet.

3. These are the basic of every den, but what if you have the ultimate den kit….?

4. Fill up the sandbags with dead leaves or straw and put around your Den to mark your territory.

5. Make your Den cosy by putting duvets and pillows in there with you, if you build it well you may even be able to sleep in there!

6. Hang up your camo net to camouflage your den completely, or put 4 sticks in the ground and throw the camo net over the top – this could be another den or ‘jail’!

7. Hang your ‘Command Bunker’ sign onto the nearest tree to warn the enemy off! Find a thin branch, whittle off any side branches and then tie your flag to it to mark your territory.

Now you are ready for your Adventure to begin….

Need a sign? Have a look at look at our Command Bunker sign