planning a camping trip

Planning a camping trip- how to

Planning a Camping trip can be such fun.

Here are a few hints and tips to give you a start:

Check weather forecasts – do you really want to camp in gale force winds?

Even if the predicted weather sounds fine, take waterproofs just in case.

If you plan on roughing it in the wilderness, a good sleeping bag and provisions for making a fire are recommended.

Take any tools you will need, a checklist is a good idea.

Make sure you thoroughly map out where you’re going.

Let someone at home know where you’re going.

Bring entertainment – after a few hours in the woods or a field, you might at least want to read, have a drink or strum a guitar.

Finally ensure the area where you camp has something worth going to look at or nearby activities:

  • hiking,
  • boating
  • tree-climbing

Planning a Camping trip is fun!

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