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Den Building Parties Are Great Fun.

Soft play centres, pony petting, football, paint balling, minion themed, ten pin bowling, swimming (at least the Dads can do this one!), village hall disco’s…… we’ve all been there, organised them, paid extortionate amounts to child entertainers and got the head ache.

Now, we do know that come rain or shine kids love to be outdoors – so why not take the headache out of your next child’s party and give them and their friends a truly memorable and fun day, a den building party!

What you will need for a Den Building Party…

Here is an overview of the things we suggest you will need…

  • Ready Made Den Kits– how many Kits and the type, depends on how many children there will be, girls and/or boys and their age.
  • ‘Come Rain or Shine’ attitude   – Dry is of course preferable but, in this country, we just have to accept and embrace the phrase ‘Come Rain or shine’ so don’t forget the wellies and waterproofs!
  • Location– garden, local park, woods or beach. Woods are great, as they have the trees to tie the para cord or twine to!
  • Picnic or camp fire / BBQ (if feeling really adventurous)
  • Treasure Hunts-If you’re going to create your own make them fun, educational or just plain silly. There are lots of ideas for treasure hunts on the web, click here for the Ultimate Treasure Hunt   
  • Prizes – the kids do expect them, but you don’t have to over complicate things.  A simple whoopee cushion and some sweets and cake should do the trick! Or even our water bombs or camo cream make great prizes.

Den Building Kits

Most of our kits include the den building elements, such as tarpaulin, tent pegs and a paracord, in a very useful rucksack.

They then vary and can include different and exciting items such as a 7 in 1 whistle, mallet, fire starter, sand bags, binoculars, rugged compass, fun snaps and lots more. Basically items to ensure that kids can create a fantastic adventure.


How many Kits?  One kit will be fine, for up to 5 children – for more children, you can buy additional kits or buy any of the items individually such as camo tarpaulin, tent pegs, para cord, mallets etc at our Build your Own.

Picnic/Camp fire/BBQ   Pre-prepared individual boxes with sandwiches, snacks and a drink are a hassle free way of feeding your little party goers – ready named ensuring everyone gets the right sandwich filling!

For the older ones, let them start their own fire with one of our fire starter kits and toast marshmallows!

You could also have a campfire sing along. They’ll love it plus will gain a huge sense of achievement.

Please make sure there is an adult around if the children are a young age.

A BBQ is always easy – a few sausages and bread rolls and everyone’s happy.

If you’re venturing out of the garden with this one, do play safe and check out if fires are permitted.

Younger Children:

Treasure Hunt and Games Scavenger Hunts are perfect for the younger ones.

Give them a list of things they have to find such as something blue. Or rather than specific things or it could be sensory things, to really get them thinking – something that snaps, something that crunches, something smooth…. etc.

Get party planning today…

So, for a party with a difference, it really couldn’t be similar to create a wonderfully memorable birthday party for your loved ones special celebration and their friends!

You’ll be the best parent ever!