Treasure Hunt

A Pirate Treasure Hunt is the perfect way to keep the children entertained in the holidays.

If you’re having a summer party or simply looking for a way to keep the kids entertained over the summer why not plan a treasure hunt. It can also have great treasure hunts inside for those really wet days.

All kids love a treasure hunt, it will keep them occupied for while and will produce happy, smiley faces… the holy grail of any activity in the summer!

Now we know that planning a treasure hunt can be time consuming so we have decided to take some of the stress out of it and we thought we would share our Pirate Themed treasure hunt with you.

This step by step game will challenge the children to search for clues and figure out the answers. This game is brilliant for outdoor fun, both for times when it’s just you and them or if your having a group of their friends over too.

You are going to need a few things but don’t worry, you will be able to find some of these items at home and if not we can help you in the creative play section.

So lets get started……..What do you need to find the pirate?

  • 5 small clues for each child
  • A pen for each child
  • A hat — one for each child
  • A plastic/paper bag — one for each child
  • Pirate coins
  • Winning prize

Find the space to hide the treasure: garden, woods or even in the house if the weather is against you, hid the coins,  give each child a pirate hat, the clues and a little bag and set them off with their clues to find the treasure.

All you need then is a little prize for the winning child. Why not take a look at the adventure shop for camo cream, fun snaps, these will go down a storm, I promise.

Good luck everyone, we hope you have lots of fun with this.

Don’t forget to send us you pictures, you can email them us at sarah or contact us via facebook or twitter